5 FAQs about our ordering portal

Enviroclean recognise that ordering supplies should not be a time-consuming process. Through feedback and requests from our customers we have created

1. How can sitesupply save me time?

Enviroclean recognise that ordering supplies should not be a time-consuming process. Through feedback and requests from our customers we have created useful tools which can be set up and managed through our online ordering portal, sitesupply.me.

Personal product lists (PPL) allow you to create handy personal lists, set delivery sites and save preferences. You can also save your most commonly used products to your ‘favourites’ which will then be available in a convenient product list each time you login.

If you find you are regularly placing repeat orders, another time saving feature is the ability to create standing orders which may occur weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. Once set up, standing orders are automatically processed without any action on your part. Standing orders can be managed and edited through sitesupply. These are just some of the tools available on sitesupply which will help to save you time and speed up the ordering process.

2. Can the ordering portal help me with budget management?

Sitesupply can help with budget management as we have created a reporting section which allows you to run reports on category and branch spend. The branch spend report allows you to compare the total spend for each branch within a selected time period. The category spend report shows more detail and displays which type of products branches are spending money on. We have plans to add more reports and an advanced budgeting section so watch this space.

Orders can also be managed through our tiered ordering system by giving head office the ability to review and approve every order before it is placed. Staff from sites/branches place their orders which then get sent to head office for checking before approving or altering the order. Sitesupply can also be set up so that multiple locations have individual accounts which head office can access and monitor with a more hands-off approach.  Order approval is a useful feature for managing spend and tracking budget performance but we do recognise that not all organisations wish to work this way, so this is an optional feature of sitesupply.

3. Will sitesupply help staff?

Organisations using sitesupply have found that staff enjoy placing orders through the portal as they can specify the quantities needed for individual branches, giving them more control.  Staff can place orders online and through their mobile phones or tablets meaning they are not tied to placing orders in an office. Once set up, staff can place a full stock order in as few as four pages, significantly reducing time spent online.

4. How would sitesupply help me to have more control?

The online ordering portal helps area/regional managers have more insight into individual branches ordering activities. Sitesupply allows managers to see and approve (optional feature) all orders and even allows monitoring of orders placed by email, over the phone and online. There are options available to restrict which products are visible to staff and prices can also be hidden, this ensures each branch uses the correct products without overloading them with details. This helps with consistency and reporting of order history between the various branches across the organisation.

5. How does the ordering portal fit within my current order process?

The portal is designed to complement your current ordering process and help streamline the stages from initial need through to order delivery. Sitesupply is also compatible with any current PO systems you have in place as PO numbers can be allocated to orders at any stage in the process. If your organisation uses cost centred invoicing cost codes these can be added to orders which will appear on all invoices. Sitesupply is designed to strengthen your existing processes and reduce potential errors.

Sitesupply is fully customisable and we can change the look of the ordering portal to fit your business. We can change the background and headings to your company colours and even add in your logo. Organisations who have customised sitesupply have found this makes the ordering process feel like a true part of the business process and less like using an external supplier.

Sitesupply is completely free to all enviroclean customers. If you believe that this ordering portal could be beneficial to your business please do not hesitate to contact a member of the enviroclean team today. If you would like to know more about sitesupply we would be happy to send you more information or speak to you over the telephone/in person, contact us on 01324 665050 or email sales@envirocleanglobal.com

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