Antiviral hand wash – Clarus 500ml.

Anti-viral and anti-bacterial hygienic hand wash.

Product Details & Specifications

Conforms to BS EN1276 & BS EN14476 Kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses Versatile for use in all environments Leaves hands feeling refreshed Nourishing and moisturising Anti-viral and anti-bacterial
Sold as a pack of 12 500ml pump-top bottles Manufactured in the UK

Using an antiviral hand wash has never made more sense to avoid transmission of the common cold, winter vomiting bug or Covid-19. That is why we developed Clarus antiviral hand wash for our clients in healthcare, professional cleaning firms and many more areas of work.

Higher Performance Hygiene

Clarus antiviral handwash is an antibacterial hand soap as well as anti viral and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and conforms to BS EN1276 and BS EN14476. Therefore, your office, nursing home, building site or hospital has a considerably higher level of hygienic hand protection.

Packed in 500ml pump-tops that are in 12 antimicrobial soap dispensers per case; this is a low-scent and hand moisturising product, and well-priced in the antiviral soap products marketplace.

What Is A Virucide?

In our popular blog article: ‘Virucides And Their Efficacy’, we point out that:

A virucide is an agent or chemical that has been proven to deactivate one or more virus strain. To grow and propagate, a virus must ‘infect’ a host cell, and then force the host cell to reproduce many copies of the original ‘virus’ – which in turn will infect other cells.

Deactivating a virus (which is what a virucide does) means either killing the virus or changing its surface structure to prevent it from ‘getting in’ and infecting other cells. Typically, many regular disinfectants and soaps as advertised are not virucides, even if they are anti-bacterial.

To have the performance of both an antibacterial and a virucidal hand soap in one product which is made in the UK is unusual and demonstrates the extra-mile performance you can expect from Enviroclean Global in beating the novel viruses we are up against.

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