Sanofog portable room fogger.

Highly effective, portable disinfectant room fogger.
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Product Details & Specifications

Timer to enable unattended use. Portable. 100% surface contact. Tackle hard-to-reach area. For use with our Sanopro solution. Minimal PPE required. Inactivate viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Only for use with approved products. See a video of our fogging machine below:
Tank capacity: 25L. Dimensions: 1440mm x 660mm x 460mm Voltage: 240V. Empty weight: Approx. 30KG. Activation: Mechanical timer. Materials: Stainless steel, Polythylene, PVC-U, ABS. <2 Microns. Flow Rate: 6.5L per hour.
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The Sars-2-CoV virus that has caused the Covid-19 pandemic is an airborne nuisance and our answer to the need to sanitise the air is a comprehensive package of a heavy-duty fogging machine and a carefully researched 100% biodegradable sanitiser disinfectant that you can rely on.

At Enviroclean Global we have a lot of cleaning experience and do not like to do things by half.

Heavy Duty Fogging Machine

Constructed from rugged and hygienic stainless steel and moved around on castors, our Sanofog disinfectant fogging machine utilises a substantial 25 litre tank for chemical which is dispersed as an atomised mist to disinfect the air. Built to take the knocks and bumps of heavy-duty use, our fogging machine incorporates our cleaning know-how and has been extensively tested and you can see a demonstration video above.

Experience and careful liaison with the commercial cleaning contractors and best-practice research has shown that ridding surfaces of dangerous bacteria and viruses (or the dirt that they cling to) is not enough and the best chance of comprehensive safety lies in cleaning the air as well. The Sanofog machine is perfect for disinfecting hotel bedrooms with a dry mist that stays in place for a long time and reduces domestic staff workload.

It is this long liaison with the professional cleaning trade that led us to incorporate a timer in our heavy duty fogger which means the operator can simply park it in a room or on a train, gym, class room or aircraft and switch it on and leave until the air purifying is done!

Fogging Chemical From The Experts

The class leading Sanopro disinfectant fogging solution is an antimicrobial sanitiser and disinfectant that is used in our portable disinfectant fogger machine. It is effective against airborne viruses or bacteria and leaves the air actually ‘feeling clean’ with a pleasant aroma and the reassurance that pupils, staff, and visitors are safer. Sanopro is a 100% biodegradable biocide solution available in 5 litre, 20 litre or IBC container of 1000 litres.

A professional package solution to the often oversold and poorly understood phenomenon of fogging which can be a pointless and expensive exercise if not done with correct chemical, equipment, and training.

You can genuinely rely on this commercial fogging and air purifying solution developed by experts and delivering an effective and safe clean air zone on a very reasonable budget.

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