Sanofog portable room fogger.

Highly effective, portable disinfectant room fogger.
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Product Details & Specifications

Timer to enable unattended use. Portable. 100% surface contact. Tackle hard-to-reach area. For use with our Sanopro solution. Minimal PPE required. Inactivate viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Only for use with approved products.
Tank capacity: 25L. Dimensions: 1440mm x 660mm x 460mm Voltage: 240V. Empty weight: Approx. 30KG. Activation: Mechanical timer. Materials: Stainless steel, Polythylene, PVC-U, ABS. <2 Microns. Flow Rate: 6.5L/hour.

The Sanofog portable room fogger fills entire rooms with a dry fog of disinfectant. Filling the rooms rapidly without the need for labour, it effectively disinfects all surfaces as well as the air in the room.

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