Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine Kit

Caddy Clean Scrubbing Machine

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The Caddy Clean is a highly versatile, ultra lightweight scrubbing machine which can be used on almost any surface. A popular choice with professionals, it is battery operated and compact meaning it is perfect for mobile cleaning teams and cleaning hard to reach areas where bulky mains-operated machines can?t fit.

Its 1.7 litre solution tank (sold separately) and trigger delivers fluid straight to the scrubbing heads, which includes soft microfibre or abrasive pads and bristle heads for tough scrubbing, cleaning and polishing.

The telescopic handle reduces bending and stretching, and the handheld attachment can be used on its own for scrubbing on bathroom or kitchen surfaces.

Pads and brushes are easily attached and the heavy-duty battery, which fits onto a belt, gives up to two hours cleaning time.

Caddy Clean is suitable for use just about anywhere, with no need to carry multiple tools for different areas.

The kit includes the scrubbing machine

Handheld attachment
12v battery, charger and belt clip
Two pad holders
A pair of abrasive and a pair of soft pads
A pair of standard and light brushes (solution tank sold separately)

The handheld attachment can be used on its own.

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