High-Efficiency HEPA and UVC Air Purifier 500m3

High-Efficiency HEPA and UVC Air Purifier

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A compact range of air purifiers adept for use in waiting rooms, small procedure rooms, offices, canteens, schools and colleges. Boasting premium H14 grade HEPA filtration and UVC sterilization decontamination for increased infection assurance making these optimal units for efficient air purifying.

Using a combination of top-grade H14 HEPA filters and germicidal UVC lamps fully integrated, the units inactivate microbes trapped in the filter section. This results in a microbiological reduction of up to 100%

Available with a maximum air change or clean rate of 500 (MC7050) or 750 (MC7075) cubic meters per hour, the units come with 3 speed settings and a remote for precise control.

Plug-and-play installation means the units can be up and running at maxiumum efficiency in less than 5 minutes.

Unsure what you are looking for? Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will guide you through the key considerations in choosing the right air purifier.

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