Disposable Surgical Face Masks

Fluid Resistant Type IIR

Product Number: PW1014

Size: 50

Style: Fluid Resistant Type IIR

Colour: Blue

Medical face masks are made from 3ply spunbonded polypropylene.

Medical device manufactured to industry standards and glass-fibre-free.

The surgical masks are certified to EN 14683 Type I or II standard, and are suitable for use in general patient care.

Fluid resistant masks are certified to EN 14683 Type IIR standards, and provide added protection in general patient care and social care in accordance with NHS and government guidance for medical devices.

For more information on the use of face masks in the current COVID-19 pandemic, please visit the official government website: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-infection-prevention-and-control

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Disposable Surgical Face Masks
Disposable Surgical Face Masks

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