The Northshore washroom dispenser range is a re-designed, re-branded and newly launched replacement to the BayWest system. Building on the low-maintenance, high quality and environmentally friendly credentials of the old system, the new brings in a refreshed design and enhanced features. Some key enhancements that have been made, and existing features retained, are discussed below.


First and foremost, in any washroom, hygiene and cleanliness are paramount. All Northshore dispensers are made with wipe-clean, durable plastics, giving longevity and maintaining clean surfaces for long periods of time. The roll-towel and toilet roll dispensers are also designed to automatically present the paper to the user, meaning they do not need to touch the dispenser in normal use. This greatly reduces the chance of contamination, and improves visitor experience.


A high proportion of the cost-in-use, and yet often overlooked when considering a dispensing system, is the time it takes for your cleaners and staff to re-stock dispensers. The already high-capacity of the BayWest dispensers have been increased by up to 30% with the Northshore redesign. The high-capacity dispensers mean reduced service visits even in high-footfall washrooms. Constructed with ABS plastic, the dispensers are nearly indestructible, and have secure locks to prevent over-use or theft of contents.


Northshore is one of the lowest cost-in-use washroom dispenser systems available. Zero-waste features such as stub-roll transfer and single-towel dispensing combine with low service costs and low consumable costs to minimise costs. The system also helps reduce drain-blockages and cleaning expenses as the toilet roll has one of the fastest time-to-disintegrate.

Environmental Sustainability

To care for the environment, we need to look at every area of our lives. Washrooms are no different, and the Northshore system remains the first and only away-from-home solution to hold the EU Ecolabel on all its recycled paper and some soaps. Enviroclean will provide an Ecolabel wall-plaque at every installation of Northshore dispensers.

A Washroom Dispenser System for Every Business

Whilst the Northshore dispenser system provides the most significant savings in high-traffic washrooms, it truly is a good fit anywhere. Its hygienic, aesthetically pleasing and comes in a range of colours that will suit any washroom environment, and bring environmental credibility and cost-savings to every organisation. Some examples of where Northshore dispensers are commonly installed are; Public Buildings, Office Blocks, Hospitals, Healthcare, Food Processing, Hospitality, Education, Sports Grounds, Tourism, Manufacturing and much more.

What Next

Please email us if you are interested in finding out more about this system. We can then arrange a call to discuss your requirements and book a free demonstration if applicable.