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Enviroclean’s product range features a selection of own-brand products. Each brand covers specific areas within our offering:

Providing powerful and effective solutions to daily cleaning and hygiene needs. The Orca range of chemicals are suited to commercial, individual, and domestic environments. The range includes products suitable for laundry, dishwashing, hard surfaces, glass, plastics and toilets – including our bestselling Clarity glass and plastic cleaner. All the products within the range are fully compliant with industry standards. Full COSHH, MSDS and test results available where applicable.

Products for people who care. Designed for people working in all forms of care, from nursery practitioners to home carers and healthcare workers. The Calyx range of products is designed to protect your needs whilst at work. It includes categories such as personal protective equipment (PPE), gloves, hand gels and sanitisers and antibacterial sprays. Full documentation and accreditation can be provided for Calyx products as applicable.

Chemicals that work for you – affordable, effective and reliable. Beaver chemicals are excellent for domestic, industrial and commercial settings. All products within the range are thoroughly tested and comply with industry standards, with full documentation available. With a focus on being manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner, the range includes our top-selling STERIBAC kitchen cleaner, ANTIBAC bacterial detergent and Centurion heavy-duty catering degreaser.

Providing the highest standard of cleaning, hygiene and janitorial products and equipment. The Ensign range includes toilet rolls, wipes and general equipment. The Ensign range includes toilet rolls, wipes and general equipment. The Ensign brand is built around the concept of ‘a higher standard’. Commercial and domestic cleaning environments require quality products to ensure safe and hygienic spaces at all times, every time.

The Sapphire brand provides dedicated products and equipment for washroom environments in all commercial and domestic settings. Products are fully tested and accredited to ensure safety and cleanliness is paramount in every washroom. By using Sapphire products, you can rest assured that your washroom is in excellent working condition.

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