Press n Clean Hand Sanitiser Dispenser 5L 2-in-1 Floor Mounted

Press n Clean Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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Press?n Clean hand sanitiser stations have been designed and are very popular for both internal and external use in education establishments and public buildings where long-term, accessible and reliable availability of sanitising for all visitors and staff is critical.

These hands-free dispensers are very aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and the 3-in-1 units are ideal for adults, children and wheelchair users. These dispensers are attractive enough to encourage a positive response when using, and have been installed as mid- and long-term solutions by clients and destinations such as Hilton Hotels, Coca Cola and Transport for London, as well as airports, golf courses, schools, education centres and government departments.

With multiple options across the range, with different capacities, all dispensers come ready to use with a Patent-Pending App. Th app allows for 21st century grade management of the refilling (including GPS locating and self-learning refill-reminders), and allows your regular on-site maintenance and cleaning teams to minimise unnecessary routine ?refill? checking whilst ensuring every station across your sites are able to maintain 100% ?up-time? availability.

Head to this link to view our overview video and see the app in action:

What you get:
– Aesthetically pleasing design
– Highly-accessible for adults, children and wheelchair users
– Elbow (and optional foot pedal) control for hands-free operation
– Sturdy, vandal-resistant steel construction
– High-capacity (up to 10L between refills on some dispensers)
– Suited for use free-standing or bolted to the ground and wall mounted options available
– Stainless steel models available
– Patent-pending app to manage pro-active and re-active maintenance efficiently
– Custom branding and colours available (volume dependent)
– 1-year guarantee
– Universally refillable design (refil from standard 5L containers)
– Wider range of matching units for smaller offices and lower footfall zones ? also come app-ready

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