Enviroclean is the  official distributor of these innovative new products. If you’re looking for an outdoor hand sanitiser unit, then this is the perfect option to meet the needs of the modern environment. Combining stylish design, all-encompassing functionality and a useful mobile app make this the ideal product in the current and post-Covid-19 environment, and an unrivalled product in the market. 

  • Elbow and foot operated for added cleanliness
  • Rugged look so perfect as an outdoor hand sanitiser unit
  • Suitable for all members of the public, including those with mobility issues and small children
  • Floor fixings can be applied and removed as required, so it’s possible to have fitted with lockable castors for added portability
  • Uses two five litre dispensers with ample storage space for a spare
  • Anti-theft and durable in all weather conditions using Epoxy painted or stainless steel
  • Use the bespoke mobile app to manage refilling and maintenance of the units
  • The units can be branded in line with any business
  • Wheelchair and child friendly
  • Easy to transport and set up

The Press n’ Clean mobile app: aiding the management of using the dispensers. The app notifies a dedicated technician if a member of the public scans the QR code after arriving at a dispenser and finding that it requires refilling. Over time, the app learns trends and patterns for refill and maintenance requirement. This makes the management process simple and easy, so allows the public to receive the best possible service.

Get in touch today to discuss how these market leading outdoor hand sanitiser units can help you achieve your goals. Their method, great style and handy app make them perfect to serve the public in the current environment. You can also view the video below to see the dispensers in-situ and find out more information: