Copy of Copy of Colour coding FB and LI

Colour coded cleaning is the process of assigning colours to cleaning equipment in order to reduce the spread of germs and disease and increase the hygiene in your business or home. The four main colours and categories we endorse, as suggested by BICSc (The British Institute of Cleaning Science), are:

Red coloured products are used in ‘General Washrooms’, for use on toilets and urinals as well as the floors and sinks.

Yellow coloured products are used in ‘Clinical/Healthcare Areas’, for use on furniture and equipment in areas such as Dental and Doctor Surgeries as well as Hospitals.

Green coloured products are used in ‘Food and Bar Areas’, for use on kitchen worktops and other food and drink preparation areas as well as floors and sinks.

Blue coloured products are used in ‘General Lower Risk Areas’, for use on equipment and furniture in offices and public spaces.

Colour coding your cleaning products and equipment is very important to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Having a proper colour coding process and system ensures that the cleaning staff are using the appropriate equipment for the area that they are working in. If staff correctly follow the colour coded process then they will avoid using the same products that are used for cleaning washrooms and toilets to clean the kitchens and food preparation areas where germs and diseases are easily spread. This will significantly help to improve hygiene and therefore prevent the spread of disease throughout the workplace, especially important in these critical times.