What we're doing

Our enduring commitment to ethical working practices

Planting trees throughout 2023 to support our environment and reduce the impact of deforestation.


Did you know that the average tree produces around 800 toilet rolls? Every day the global toilet roll production consumes about 27,000 trees which is 21,600,000 toilet rolls a day!

Did you know that it takes about 450 years for just one plastic bottle to break down in the ground!

We recycle plastic and paper wastage on our sites, with the use of baling machines, to help our environment and reduce the amount going to landfill.

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of our Paper Products are made using recycled tissue

Utilising direct logistics networks in our supply chain to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint.

globe and business

Did you know that 89% of all goods transported by land in Great Britain, are moved directly by road!

Did you know that roughly 80% of all items buried in landfill could actually be recycled! That is why it is so important to recycle as much as possible!

We innovate to produce plastic free chemicals, eco-friendly chemicals and recycle paper pulp to reduce the impact we have on our environment and improve our sustainability.

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of our Packaging Material is recycled

We plant trees to help our environment!

We support Ukraine!

We recycle paper to help our environment!

We recycle plastics to help our environment!