Our top 8 cleaning products for 2021

We've provided our top recommended cleaning and hygiene products for 2021 - have a read!
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If 2021 taught us anything, it’s that we can all do more to live cleaner and more hygienic lives if we make a real effort. This is relevant for our work and personal life. We thought we would introduce our top 8 cleaning and hygiene products for moving into 2021. There’s a combination of everyday products that are very effective, along with some more interesting and lesser-known products. Defence against Covid-19 is forefront in everyone’s minds just now, so we’ve addressed that. However, it’s important to remember the cleaning and hygiene basics too. Read on for our top 8 cleaning and hygiene products for 2021 that we think are interesting, unique or just downright effective.

So what are these top cleaning products?

1. Strike all-purpose sanitiser.

If you ask us to recommend a cleaning product that all businesses should be using if they are looking for something simple but very effective, it’s Strike. Not every product needs to beat COVID to be effective. And this is absolutely one of our top cleaning products. Although not virucidal, it is an anti-bacterial, ready-to-use all purpose cleaner that is proven to kill germs in one spray-and-wipe. Versatile for use in all environments (including kitchens) across all hard surfaces, this is our go-to all-purpose cleaner when looking for something for everyday use. Buy Strike all-purpose sanitiser.

Strike cleaner

2. Sanopro.

If Strike is the perfect option for an everyday cleaner sanitiser in our list of top cleaning products, then Sanopro is its muscly older sibling. Sanopro is a product that is new to market as a fast-acting antimicrobial sanitiser and disinfectant, that is made of 100% natural ingredients. Testing has shown that it can achieve meaningful (greater than 99.99%) kill-rates on bacteria and virus in less than 1 minute. Sanopro is extensively used in the NHS, care homes, schools and food packaging plants. This is a top sanitising product that will allow your business to know that your premises and clean, safe and guarded against viruses and bacteria. Buy Sanopro.

Sanopro cleaning product

3. Sanofog.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, Sanofog is a hygiene product that is an extension of Sanopro. Sanofog is a highly effective fogging machine, designed to fully cleanse and disinfect full rooms with minimal labour requirement. Using the Sanopro antimicrobial sanitiser, Sanofog disperses the cleaning chemical as an atomised mist through the air and on all surfaces with minimal requirements for PPE. Fogging is a method which is often undertaken without the adequate research and training. If not done correctly and using the correct products, then the method either is ineffective, or potentially very hazardous. This revolutionary system can keep premises free of infection, with the peace of mind businesses need that they are working with highly effective but safest possible substance and machinery for the task. Buy Sanofog.

Sanofog cleaner

4. Nitrile disposable gloves.

‘Disposable gloves?!’ Yes, we’ve chosen disposable gloves as one of our top cleaning and hygiene products for 2021. Everyone knows that several areas of employment will require staff to wear gloves, even more so after occurrences in 2020. However, so many people and businesses don’t understand the importance of understanding the type of gloves you should be using in different instances. All types of disposable gloves come with varying levels of effectiveness and recommended uses. The document here from HSE (Health and Safety Executive) is a great start point for looking into the type of glove you need. We’re highlighting nitrile gloves here as they are what is in line with current government recommendations for many practices. But what’s most important is that you read into what you need for your personal circumstance. Here’s some more useful content:

Nitrile gloves top cleaning

5. Face masks.

Face masks are something we’re all used to using by now. But questions do still come up; how to use correctly, what specific types we should be using in our work, and understanding how they work. The standard disposable face mask is a great product when used and disposed of correctly. Find out a more information on correct usage of these here (you’ll be surprised with how much so many don’t know about their use). In many working environments, the latest guidance is that the more advanced FFP2/3 face masks should be used. So, it’s important to know what you need for your particular situation – here’s a good place to start. There’s also here. (Yes, we’re hinting that there’s loads of sources of information – no excuse to not look into your business needs). Perhaps not everyone’s favourite, but a crucial product. Buy face masks.

FFP3 mask top product

6. Selgiene Extreme virucidal cleaning sanitiser.

When looking for a cleaning sanitiser, this one should be top of many lists. Selgiene Extreme is a top cleaning product, which cleans and sanitises frequently touched items to an optimum standard. This excellent sanitiser product is perfect for providing optimal disinfection for use in healthcare, catering and high-risk applications. However, it’s versatility means that it is effective in almost any working/living environment, and a magnificent product when looking to combat cross-contamination. This one comes under the ‘downright effective’ category we spoke about at the beginning. Buy Selgiene Extreme.

Selgiene cleaning product

7. Ramsol sanitiser spray.

Ramsol Sanitiser Disinfectant Spray is a revolutionary mist spray, able to thoroughly sanitise and disinfect difficult to reach and intricate areas in a very short space of time. This is a top cleaning product for instances when a thorough clean is not possible or realistic. For example, for spraying regular touchpoints throughout the day to aid the effectiveness of their deep cleans at the beginning and end of each day. Ramsol is a very worthwhile product for when we require convenience, something we can all understand. It provides that convenience, without compromising hygiene. Buy Ramsol sanitiser spray.

8. Waste disposal.

Appropriate waste disposal methods are required for us to live more hygienically. From bin and rubble sacks to ‘nappy sacks’ and other forms of disposal products, it’s important for businesses to consider these as top priority products moving into 2021. The UK Government website include vast and detailed information on waste disposal, so we would advise all businesses to read into the correct measures that should be taken. Read it here to make a start. At Enviroclean, we believe in caring for a cleaner tomorrow. This one closely connects to that sentiment. Buy waste disposal.

Want to know more about any of our top cleaning and hygiene products for 2021? Or have a question about cleaning and hygiene practices for your business? We want to help. We feel strongly about helping businesses achieve a cleaner and more hygienic tomorrow – let’s work together to do so. Get in touch.

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